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Thread: Last Minute Study Tips

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    Re: Last Minute Study Tips

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    The sleep advice is such a good advice. I wish I realized this a long time ago and not made rookie mistakes of studying all night before the exam. That's terrible. Also, make sure to stay hydrated. It helps your brain function so much better.

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    Re: Last Minute Study Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Eccaken View Post
    I have to recognize that I never prepare in advance. I know, it's really bad, but does anyone of you know how to deal with procrastination?
    That's a lifelong battle.

    I have a lot of tips that work for me. Some easy ones--don't think of doing the entire thing all at once, just the first step. For example, don't think I have to write a whole paper; instead, think I'm going to write my introduction. (Or even just the first sentence of the introduction.)

    You could also try visualizing how good you will feel when you're finished. Or think about the good part about the work you need to do.

    Stuff like that.
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