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Thread: Building My Economics Curriculum

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    Building My Economics Curriculum

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    I'm an undergraduate student studying economics, and I am planning my courses over my junior and senior year. My goal is to as an equity analyst covering the financial sector (because it is so directly driven by economics), or working at a macro hedge fund. I am trying to plan my courses accordingly, but I'm having difficulty choosing a path.

    Would anyone be willing to help me map out the courses that I should be taking?

    These are the related courses I've taken so far:

    Finite Mathematics
    Principles of Statistics
    Calculus I
    Linear Algebra
    Financial Accounting

    I am trying to decide if, given my situation, I would be better off choosing more qualitative classes, or more quantitative. I am at a top 20 undergrad school with all the typical classes.

    I will definitely take:

    Micro Theory
    Macro Theory
    Money and Banking
    Industrial Organizations
    Instruments and Markets
    Corporate Finance
    Investment Analysis

    The courses I'm considering are:

    Calculus II
    Differential Equations
    Intro to Econometrics
    Topics in Econometrics
    Development Economics
    Game Theory
    Economic Growth
    International Finance
    Strategic Analysis
    Economic History of the U.S.
    Wages, Employment & Labor Markets

    I don't know enough about economics to judge whether or not courses like econometrics and calculus II will be applicable to understanding the economy from an investing perspective (I'm not a quant or trader type).

    I plan to get my MBA, not a higher degree in economics, so positioning myself for graduate admissions isn't an issue.

    I apologize for the lengthy post, but if anyone is willing to point me in the right direction (qualitative vs quantitative, most useful courses), I would be greatly appreciative.

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    Re: Building My Economics Curriculum

    Focus on building the strongest quantitative economics degree you can.

    The thing is that ER (equity research) is going to be analytical and quantitative and trading positions (like you see in the movies) are moving to either quantitative trading or algorithmic trading.
    So really the best thing you can do is build on the quantitative skill set.

    I'd suggest: Calculus II, Intro to Econometrics, Topics in Econometrics, Game Theory, Calculus III and Differential Equations.

    My suggestion is check out the forum Wall Street Oasis and really comb through their Equity Research forums. Its a great resources for this.
    Also start studying for the CFA now. It's practically a requirement these days for ER positions.

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    Re: Building My Economics Curriculum

    Hi, Vander, I am a self educator and like to look up alternative ways of learning. IMF Podcast is absolutely amazing and so is the one held by BBC Radio called More or Less. These alternate ways really enrich one's perspective. I also use this seemingly fave prof's book called Principles of Macroeconomics by Gregory Mankiw. He seems to be v reputed.

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