I have a participatory budgeting experiment that runs with two
computer systems.

The start is that each participant gets to choose the amounts
for each federal department according to THEIR OWN values. How can I best
set up the help files for each budget amount so they can? (I also have
the participants choose the tax rates, but that can be more easily
explained, e. g.,
this is the marginal rate that affects those earning more than
$300,000 per year.)

For example, our Federal Budget specifies defense at 598 billion, education
at 70 billion (http:/www.nationalpriorities.org/budget-basics/federal-budget-101/spending/
as per 2015 numbers>)

A participant might say to interchange these numbers (70 billion for defense
and 600 billion for education). How could they learn what they would not
get or get, respectively? How could they say that is or is not they
would want if they were the proverbial king or queen?