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Thread: LSAT Score Theory

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    LSAT Score Theory

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    So we all know that the score you get on the LSAT is relative to everyone else's score who took the test. I heard a theory that the different times of the year (December, June, October) one takes the test, one might score higher or lower due to the factor that more intelligent people on average prefer to take the test during a given month. For example, maybe on average more intelligent people choose to take the LSATs in June because these are the people who don't wait until the last minute to take the LSAT before they must apply for law school. Is there any validity to this theory based on your experiences or what you've heard?

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    Actually, below is a little snippet from another website explaining just how the score is curved:

    "Yes, the LSAT is graded on a curve. You might think that if there are hordes unprepared people in the room with you, your score will look better by comparison. However, the LSAT is equalized across a much broader range than just one classroom or one day’s worth of test takers. Your score will be “balanced” in comparison to test takers in a three year span. The test date you choose won't affect that comparison.

    An interesting article that explains "equalizing": http://www.powerscore.com/scale.htm

    Further, the curve is established in advance of the test results. By that, I mean that it's technically possible for all the test takers to receive 140 or 180. It's not a forced curve, as in law school."

    from http://www.nontradlaw.net/cgi-bin/ub...c;f=1;t=003080

    Therefore, I would recommend taking the June test (unless you are applying next year). June gives you time to get to know the test, take it and have the option of cancelling your score or taking it again when you are more prepared. Also, taking it in June allows you to focus more on the test and not other things like midterms in October or winter break in December. It also gives you more time to make your decision about where to apply once you get your score back. This worked for me (got my score back yesterday) and now I have plenty of time to figure the rest of it out...
    Hope that helps!

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