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Thread: studying for LSAT

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    studying for LSAT

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    iam studying for LSAT exam . iam planning to sit for the exam this year . Does anyone know how good is lsatpass.com study materials for preparing for LSAT . iam leaning towards buying it off . plz let me know asap

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    I hadn't heard of them before, so I looked at their website. Just based on the info there, I'd say stay FAR away.

    1. They state that they use "realistic" questions but you shouldn't prepare with anything other than "official" questions. The LSAC has released over 40 full length tests that you can buy off of Amazon, why would you use fake questions?

    2. It looks more like software than anything else. They talk about how you can pause the test, view the correct answer after you submit, how it calculates your score, ect. I don't think that will have any benefit on raising your score. The LSAT isn't even a computerized test.

    3. Their, "Why should I choose LSATPass for my LSAT prep?" gives two reasons for why you should choose them.
    They are:
    A. We are the best LSAT prep leaders. Our preparatory products have the potential to get you skyrocketing score.
    B. We offer great prep at low cost. Do you know that LSAT full length class rooms generally cost around $ 1200? And you are bound for 8 weeks, getting to comply to a schedule that you may not be happy with. With LSATPass, you have access to easy to grasp LSAT prep material which you can study in your own free time and at a pace that suits you best.

    They give no reasons for their first claim that they are an industry leader (in fact, this seems wrong since I can't find them referenced besides on their own website) and almost ANYTHING has the "potential" to "skyrocket" your score. The Penny Press Logic Games could make the same claim.
    The second claim is rather silly. Why are they comparing their $30 pdfs to in class instruction? In class instruction is far superior, hands down. Now, if they were to compare themselves to other test prep books, they might have a case to work with. This leads me to...

    4. I downloaded their "demo" and see that their pdfs only EXPLAIN the answers to their MADE UP questions. They don't even teach you techniques to solve the questions! Wow...just...wow.

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