Designed to prepare for toughest entrance exams in the world like GRE.

Download the android application here: Vocabulary Builder with GIFs - Flipword - Apps on Google Play

This app is perfect to Build English Vocabulary. This Vocabulary Builder app provides a way to learn difficult words in an easy and interactive way with GIFs. Just reading often doesn’t help in completely absorbing the word in your mind, that’s why we have introduced fast-paced and engaging quiz, which will prepare your mind to recollect words faster which is necessary whether you are in a conversation with your friends or appearing for an exam.

Unique Features:

• Packed with 3000+ words
• GIFs, Synonyms and Example with each word
• Fast-paced Quiz to practice the words you just learned
• Unlock the next deck with coins you earn by appearing for quizzes
• Compete with your friends by gaining the maximum XP points
• Smart algorithm to help you learn difficult words using Flashcards
• Perfect GRE Vocabulary app
• Bookmark words for quick revision
• Word of the day notification makes sure you learn a new word every day
• Optimum deck size of 30 words each, so that you can complete a deck in one sitting
• Pro tip: Never leave a question unanswered. Incorrect is better than Unanswered

By completing 1 deck a day, you can master over 3000 words in just 25 days! So, install the app now and Get-Set-Go!