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Thread: Failed again- Profile evaluation!!

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    Failed again- Profile evaluation!!

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    Hey everyone.
    I am very disappointed with myself and I am not able to face my friends and family
    I will first give you all a glimpse of my background:
    Indian female, 23 years
    Bachelors in Microbiology from University of Delhi, India (among the topmost universities in India)- had been university topper once and second topper in college overall.
    Masters in Biotechnology from All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, India (very reputed institute in India)- second topper
    Extracurricular activities- fair
    involved in some social work too
    Currently working with a small healthcare firm.

    I took my first GMAT on 27th september 2011, got a mere 610, much below my expectations (670-680)!! So I decided to retake in january
    Then I retook my second GMAT on 10th january 2012, was about to faint when I saw my score flashing on the screen!
    Got a 570!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never got below 650 in any of my practice tests!!!!
    Since yesterday (the day I took my second attempt) I have been feeling so miserable. I am feeling as if I will have a nervous breakdown....
    Really do not know where to go, what to do ??
    Please suggest me what should I do next ?
    Please give me some seriously sort out answers, looking at my diverse and good academic background too


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    Honest answer is to get back on the saddle. If this is something that you want, keep preparing for it. There are obviously things you missed in you prep, so go back through your materials to cover it...

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    I hope you coped up well with that. I have also done MBBS from AIIMS and done an MBA later from ISB. If you wish to speak with me regarding future career - msg me on FB - Nikhil Sikri

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    This is happening because somewhere you are lacking behind in your studies and your concentration, try out some meditation to improve your focus and concentrate solely on your studies.

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