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Thread: What programmes are available for me?

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    What programmes are available for me?

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    Short Background:

    Left school early because of circumstance and started working. Age of 19/20/21 was store bank manager.
    Decided to pursue a university degree, however with the lack of A level results my only university offer was from Roehampton University due to my work experience.

    I graduated with a first class degree in Business Management a year ago and since then have been a manager at one of the big supermarkets.

    I have looked around and many universities won't classify me as eligible for admission due to my degree. I understand there are entrance examinations and I am willing to undertake these.

    Just wondering which MBA programmes I should apply to in the UK?


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    Re: What programmes are available for me?

    just curious, why do you want to do an MBA for when you seem to be doing well in your career already!

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