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Thread: Great GPA. Low GMAT (Particularly quant)

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    Great GPA. Low GMAT (Particularly quant)

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    The first time I took GMAT, I scored 530 (Q39, V25). I know I messed up on the verbal because I didn't time myself well.

    I decided to retake it and I focused both on verbal and quant while preparing again. However i put more emphasis on quant since I knew I wasn't doing really good on it from what I saw on my practice exams

    My second attempt- I scored 610 (Q39, V34).

    Now I'm a female electrical engineer, with an undergrad GPA 3.9/4.0. I was among the top 5% percent of my graduating class and I got As on all of my calculus and statistics courses back on school.

    So, I'm really confused- why am I performing so badly on quant??
    I just don't understand, despite going through all the prep materials, focusing on my weak areas and frequently taking practice exams, I continue to score bad on my quant.

    My target schools are Rotman, Schulich, Rotterdam. Their average GMAT is around 650 and I'm 40-60 points lower.

    I was wondering, if my good performance on my undergrad calc and statisitcs courses will help to leverage the low quant GMAT score?

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    Re: Great GPA. Low GMAT (Particularly quant)

    hi there, just to understand better, which school did you do your undergrad at?

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