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Guest, you must accept the Forum Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.

Forum Rules
General Rules

The Urch Forums Rules

We will keep this short and honest.

To participate in the Urch Forums, you must understand and abide by the following:

  1. We want intelligent, meaningful posts: This forum is a discussion area, where real people can meet and share ideas. Please try to be sure that your posts contribute meaningfully to the conversation you're participating in. We prefer posts with real, thoughtful content and no nonsense. We don't like content that has been posted before (boilerplate text) in myriad places, or robot-generated gibberish.

  2. Your posts are permanent: We generally do not edit or delete posts by request of the author of the posts. Think carefully about what you say, what you post, what you write, etc. It is likely that you will not be able to change what you post here, ever. We don't like to edit posts, simply because it is time-consuming to do so. Again, think before you post, and we'll all be happy. If you have genuine privacy or other important concerns, we'll of course be sympathetic and do what we can. Even if we change your posts, it is likely that your original post will be archived somewhere by some search engine or Internet archive organization.

  3. This forum is public: There are admissions 'deciders' on this forum--professors, admissions officers, student volunteers, etc. So remember, your future employer or some admissions officer may read what you write here. Think this: What I type here will last forever. Therefore, do NOT use your real name in any posts, unless you want the world to know who you are for all eternity. Do not give out personal information for the same reason. We get a lot of posts like this: I am so-and-so from Anytown, USA, ranked #1 in my class at Random University, etc. Don't do this. People will find out who you are sooner or later.

  4. Do not post outside contact information: Do NOT ask people to contact you by email, by PM, by IM, by visiting your website, etc. If you have something to say, say it here in the forums. (That's what forums are for.) If you ask people to PM you, email you, or visit a URL to receive whatever information, you are violating our policy, and your account may be canceled. Of course, good URLs are helpful for everybody. Feel free to link to other sites if they are helpful.

  5. Do NOT post your email address or any other contact information in a post. No, we're not being obsessive here. The problem is that your information will be recorded by search engines, spiders, and spambots. We also don't like it when people join the forums just to add their email addresses to a list of people asking for email addresses. DON'T post your personal information here.

  6. Downloading: If you're signing up only to download user-contributed material, you may not be able to do so soon. We don't want people signing up just to download. We want people to join and participate to help others; that is the point of forums. We therefore have several download restrictions in place. Please search the Feedback Forum if this is an issue for you.

  7. Internet English: We really, really do not like 'textese'. Please use proper English when posting. This is a forum for people who love learning. In English. Even good English. If you find you really must write hai, i want to no wot 2 du 2 raze skore, then please try myspace or something similar instead. We'll all be better off in the long run.

  8. Use English, please: Please write only in English. Of course the occasional namaste or arigato is fine, but your posts need to be understandable by English speakers.

  9. Please be accepting of all cultures: Our forums are remarkably peaceful and friendly, and we'd like to keep them that way. Don't make calls out to a preferred group; we don't like exclusionary posts. This is acceptable: Anybody taking the GMAT in Lima next month? This is NOT acceptable: Latvians, please sign in here! We assume that the former is asking for information about a certain test center. The latter, on the other hand, appears to exclude other members.

  10. No copyright infringement: We're strict about this--we don't even allow you to discuss where or how you can infringe on copyrights. If you're in doubt, don't even try it. This forum is actively watched by various organizations. They watch our users. They contact the forum admins. They sometimes take action against users. Some users have had their test scores cancelled (or worse) as a direct result of posts on this forum. No kidding.

  11. No spam. You know what it is. Don't do it. Tip: If you're a new member, and your first post contains a link to an external website, you may very well be considered a spammer. No offense intended, of course.

  12. No gratuitous linking. (Promoting websites, services, etc.) A lot of people sign up partly or wholly to promote something. We don't have a problem with that as long as you contribute while you're doing so. In practice this means that you may promote such sites in your signature. Please do NOT put these links in your post. We may see such posting as spam, and your account could be banned. So, if you're a teacher, a tutor, a consultant or if you run a service, a company, a website or whatever, please do not make posts with gratuitous links in them. Please be especially careful if you're a relatively new member and your post contains links to outside sites. We may think that you've joined our site solely to promote another site.

  13. No trolls. No hostile language, even in non-English languages. We've got people from all over the world who will see and report offensive language, so please don't even try it.

  14. Please post in the right forum. Please post in the correct forum; if you're asking an English grammar question, post your question in the English Forums or, if your question is related to the GMAT or GRE, post in the respective forum. Please don't post in the wrong forum to gain more exposure. For example, please do not make a post advertising your books for sale outside of the Marketplace forums. Similarly, please do not post a general question about the GMAT in the GMAT-debriefing forums; instead, use the most fitting forum in the GMAT forum. If you have any doubt at all, please post your question in the Feedback forum; we'll be very glad to help.

  15. Please use a descriptive title when you post: The ideal title will be short, catchy, descriptive, and informative. This means you may need to use your imagination a bit. We don't like threads that state simply "Help!" or "Urgent!" Many peole don't read these, and these posts will most likely not show up in searches.

  16. We decide: the Urch Forums moderators are the sole determiners of what does and does not conform to the guidelines. And we may act in the best interest of the forums, even if there's no stated rule governing the situation.

  17. Multiple or duplicate accounts: If you were a member a long time ago, but can't remember your username or your password and don't have access to your old email account, maybe you should consider creating a new account. That's okay with us. If you don't like your username (which is not easily changeable), and you haven't made any posts on the forum, feel free to register again. But members may NOT create new accounts if they've been previously banned. Or to carry on conversations with themselves. Or because they're trolls. Etc. Note: Forum moderators can see certain identifying information that regular forum members cannot see. If you make a duplicate account and carry on a conversation with yourself, it is quite possible that the moderators will see this and ban one or block one of your those accounts. We may also make a post in the thread telling others that two or more members appear to be the same person.

  18. High-maintenance members: Some members don't break stated rules, but for whatever reason, tend to cause lots of problems or require lots of moderator intervention. Such members may be banned. Don't worry, this is very rare, and members receive plenty of warnings first.

You also agree that:

  1. The Urch Forums may moderate or suspend your account or ban you without warning if you violate these rules. (This is mainly directed at those new members who (or spambots that) create accounts solely for the purpose of promoting their own sites.)

  2. Search is your friend. Seriously, most questions have been asked a thousand times before. Try searching first.

To agree to these terms, click the checkbox below. You may then click the 'Register' button to proceed. To cancel the registration, simply return to the Urch Forums without creating an account.

N.B. Although the administrators and moderators of the Urch Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of the Urch Forums will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that violate copyright, are spam, or are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws.

The owners of the Urch Forums reserve the right to trash, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

Please take the rules seriously; we do. We generally give members plenty of posting advice and warnings if we think that they're making an honest effort to abide by the spirit and law of our forum's rules, but we will ban people who continue to break the rules. (N.B. Most bans occur as a result of spam (created by spamming companies) and members trying to promote or sell their own products and as a result of persistent use of 'textese'.)

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Urch Forums rules.