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Thread: Calculating half life

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    Calculating half life

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    Hi guys
    I really need the formula for calculating T1/2 when peak and trough values are given .I have this formula
    K = (ln C peak )- (log Ctrough) /dosing interval

    then putting this K in
    T1/2 = 0.693/k

    but in the naplex our calculator does not have any log key So how can we calculate T1/2 with peak and trough given ? Any other formula???

    Please help me out here.

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    I don't completely believe that they would give you this type of questions. But if they do, I am pretty sure they would only give easy numbers to calculate. Like the Log of 100 which is 2, 10 is 1 and so on. Those are just easy and quick to recall. YOu dont even need a calculator to solve the log of 100 and 10. Focus more on dosage calculation of all types, doses, tpn, kcal, meq, milliosmoles, compounding, ratio and proportion, %, and so on. In my exam I was able to use the square root function of the calculator. Goodluck!

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