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Thread: PASSNAPLEXNOW vs. RXPREP (My personal opinion)

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    PASSNAPLEXNOW vs. RXPREP (My personal opinion)

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    • Easy to follow powerpoint slides.
    • Dr. Goldie and Dr. Ali does a fantastic job with the lecture. They teach you in a way that helps you retain information. They give you brilliant mnenomics to memorize the difficult things, and the emphasis they put on a specific drugs during lectures helps alot!! I personally felt the lectures are straight to the point of what you need to know for the exam. They have LIVE LECTURES (I did not attend any), and ONLINE LECTURES. I only bought the online lectures so that i can go over it at my convenience. First time i went through it in 7 days.
    • Chart booklet provided (Includes some of the major disease states)
    • They provide question bank booklet. They have the same question online as well if you want to practice that way. THIS ARE MUST! in my opinion. The questions i felt helped me prepared and gave me confidence to sit for the board exam.


    • They could do a better job with the biostatistics chapter.


    • They give you everything about each and every drug. IN-DEPTH. ONLY source you probably need to be honest.
    • CALCULATIONS was very helpful.
    • If you are one of those who is well prepared through 4 years of pharmacy school, than this is the book you'd one to get. (I'll admit i was not!)
    • Majority of the students uses this book and passes.
    • Lectures are very informative!
    • Lots of practice questions which you do on the computer. They try to emulate the actual naplex experience I guess...........
    • I have spoke with Dr. Stephanie Garrett, and she was very helpful and wanted to do her best to help me pass the naplex.
    • Dr. Brown Biostatistics lecture was worth it!! It helped me prepared for that portion of the exam.
    • They underline throughout the book what you must know!!!!!


    • IN-DEPTH. Too much detail for me*.
    • Lectures were not as interesting in my opinion* as Dr. Goldie and Ali for PNN.
    • Personally, I prefer having question bank in a booklet.
    • Takes about a month to go over the lectures.
    • Lots of errors throughout the book, BUT they update it online! YOU MUST keep up with the update.

    I have been trying to pass the naplex since July 2015. I finally passed and it took me a year but definitely worth it. Personally I felt PASSNAPLEXNOW was by far the best course i have taken. I took Rxprep, but it just didnt work out for me. I was not able to retain the information from Rxprep. I felt overwhelmed with so much of information. Unlike Rxprep, PNN lectures were straight to the point of what you need to know for the exam.

    How I prepared for the exam?
    The first 2 times i failed i was using RXPREP book quizzes lectures, which is what MAJORITY of the students uses and passes on first try. And i must agree, it is the only source you need to pass.
    Unfortunately my score: Pre-Naplex: Did not take it. Actual: 68, 68 both times :'(. It was not to do with the book, but more that i just was not getting well prepared and not retaining information. I also was running out of time during the exam
    Total time spent studying: 4-5 months.

    I thought of giving PNN a chance. I went through all of the lectures in 7 days! Than I studied for about a month before i went through the lectures once again. During my last 2 weeks before the board exam, I just did the question bank and looked over the following: Biostatistics, Compouding, HIV, Cancer, and ID.
    PreNaplex: 77 , Actual score: 90. I am more than happy with this score. I was depressed after i had failed the first 2 time...lost my pharmacist position i was offered... no money etc...
    Total time spent studying: 2 months.

    I have a created notecards on quizlet of all the drugs from RXPREP with brand generic which was very helpful. I would go through it on my phone when i go for a walk. I also have lots of notecards i have collected from other folks that have prepared it.

    Pre-NAPLEX: Pre-naplex’s were really helpful to gauge the pace of the exam. This is important for the actual naplex because you only have about 1 minutes per question. It helps you get familiarize with the format of the actual naplex.

    Calculation: I used SDN 120 (VERY HELPFUL), RXPREP, and PNN. It was more than enough for the actual naplex. I was unsure of maybe 4-5 math questions the most on the actual. Most of the questions were flow rates, CrCl, BMI etc. Majority of what others have said in this forum.

    Naplex: my majority of the exam consisted of Biostatistics (~10), Compounding (~10), ID, Cancer, and HIV. Its very imporant to know the brand name of the drugs as well.

    I am selling all my stuff. Please message me if you are interested. They are in fair condition (highlighted/stuff written). Please message for detail. Willing to negotiate the price if you are interested in any of my materials.

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    Re: PASSNAPLEXNOW vs. RXPREP (My personal opinion)

    Are they still available?

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    Re: PASSNAPLEXNOW vs. RXPREP (My personal opinion)

    How much

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