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Thread: Study partner for NAPLEX

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    Study partner for NAPLEX

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    I am looking for a dedicated study partner for NAPLEX. I have put my profile and study schedule on urch. Let me know if anyone is interested in studying online.
    Thank you !

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    Re: Study partner for NAPLEX

    Hi,I saw your ad on sdn. I am selling my PharmacyExam.com naplex material with Q/A for more than 2000 Q and explanations. Also I am giving away 3 addtional books for licensing exam to pass naplex with access to all Q and A. This material is worth $500 from pharmacyexam site.

    With this I will also include 5 CDs (each CD containing 150Q/A and explanations) from 5CDs a total of 750 Q and A.

    I am giving awya all the stuff for $200 plus shipping additional.

    LEt me know if you are interested


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