Can someone please help me with understanding, as part of what following are covered in US Curriculum ?
I have my OT degree out of US, have done all below in my college but trying to understand how things are aligned or are equivalent to in US. I would be really thankful if someone can provide examples, steps, formats or templates too

Steps in implementing an OT Plan & related exposure
- I guess it would be assessments/evaluations (again where is the line between the two), then intervention plan is designed with goals (it can include therapeutics and other treatment options) ?

What aspects or items are covered in Clinical Postings & what in Fieldwork (Internship) - I think in clinical postings you get exposure to different conditions, visiting different medical departments (It is done in different departments). In internship you actually see the cases coming from different departments to OT (It is done in OT Department, which can be in any setting outside the college)

Where OT lab work/practicals are covered and as part of what student gets hands-on exposure to various assessment tools, evaluation techniques, tests, interpreting scores (criterion refrenced etc), case studies

Difference between a regular project like "Role of OT in Parkinsons" and a Community Rehab project
in terms of methodology & objectives. Are both projects done during the same course ?

Where and how OT student gets exposure to these- OT Theories, Frames of Refreneces, Evidence Based Practice & implementing them, while still studying

What all ideally should be done as part of Termination of OT Services, Documentation