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Thread: IELTS writing

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    IELTS writing

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    hi i have written ielts for 2 times i am getting a overall 7.5 but 6.5 for writing twice i do not know what to do .i did not attend any ielts classes i prepared by own.i am not able to figure out the problem in my writing .please do help me .i am going write my next test in Feb 25 .please help me i want to get a 7 for writing

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    It is better if u look the structure of ielts on ielts-dc.com along with ielts .simons in u tube ,i found it very useful as i scored 7.5 in writing in my fight attempt ,overall 8,Just by preparing myself in home.I am not a native speaker and this ielts is useless test to judge your English capability.....

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