Hi i was hoping you could evaluate my chances of getting in to either of the above programs (oxford preferred). My profile is:

BSc Hons Economics First Class (soas)
MSc Economics Merit (lse)

3 years experience working in central bank on publications on the economy.

I realize the mphil at oxford is two years. I plan on continuing on to the dphil but i dont think i can get in to the dphil directly as i dont have a distinction on my msc from lse. I had emailed the admissions office at oxford and asked them if having an msc in econ wiuld out me at a disadvantage for admission and they said it would not.

In my personal statement i am explaining my idea for the research topic for my mphil thesis that i want to continue for the dphil. Although i am not including a research proposal because i imagine it is not required since people with an undergrad can join theprogram directly.

Any idea on my chances of getting in to this and help or advice would be highly appreciate. This is my first time posting on this forum.

Many thanks.