Q : Many species of animals and plants are in danger of becoming extinct. What are the causes and what can prevent it from happening?

Human activities have resulting a lot of harm on the earth. Good examples of this are plant and animal extinction. They are hunting this species for their own benefits. Nowadays, we are suffering from a global warming because of our own action. However, there must be reasons why this is happening.
Changing of the climate has cause the global warming on the earth. Some species either plant or animal have problems to adapt with the new climate change. They will continuously dying and decrease population from day to day. As example, polar bear species population decrease due to the global warming. In order to overcome this problem, Carbon dioxide from vehicles and industries should be reducing. Besides, using of renewable energy such as wind or solar power may improve the problem.
Some people like to have an original stuff such as handbag that is made from animal skin. Increasing in demands resulting some endangered species being hunted. For instance, elephant are wanted animal because they need their ivory and snakes or crocodile decrease in population because of the value of their skin. Despites, the companies gain higher price from the consumers. Therefore, international agency is qualified to stop the trade in products made from endangered species.
Thus, most of the causes of extinction are come from human. In that case, several actions should be taken to prevent it worst in the future. Certain Companies that taking advantages on the endangered species should be fined or banned. As a human being we must aware of our surrounding from any damaged for our future generation.