I am currently a computer engineer studying in a Non-Eu country.I am very interested in pursuing a master's degree in Heidelberg's university.In their webpage I read among the requirements :

"Admission to MScTI requires a Bachelor of Science, Magister, Staatsexamen, Diploma or equivalent final degree of at least 6 semester study of Computer Science or Computer Engineering or
of Mathematics, Natural Sciences or Engineering with a Computer Science fraction of at least 24 CP.
Homologation of foreign degrees is done by the study board ('Studienausschuss'). An interview is held with each applicant to judge knowledge and motivation. Admission is based on the final degree (converted to points between 0..15 and weighted with a factor 2) and on the result of the interview (0..15 points). "

I want to know,what does "Admission is based on the final degree" mean? Do they by final degree mean university gpa? how can a 3.7 gpa be converted to points between 0 and 15?

P.S if you personally have had an experience with the Master's program in Heidelberg,can you tell me about it?
Thank you