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Thread: What would you do in your future career?

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    What would you do in your future career?

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    Dear colleagues,

    Pharmacist jobs often do not sustain one emotionally. In fact, over time they can become a drain on one's energy and emotional state. They require constant updating of skills, multitudes of different people with different and sometimes challenging needs, and often have employers who are expecting you to perform at your highest level nearly all of the time.

    You are getting older, not younger. At some point you are going to look back and regret something. During all the years you will have worked in pharmacy, what are you going to do next, differently, in your future career?


    "Whatever you do in life, will be insignificant,
    but it is very important that you do it
    because nobody else will."

    Hello - Lionel richie - ORIGINAL

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    Grass is is always greener on the other side : )

    I've done 5 years in retail pharmacy followed by 7 years in IT in telecom & I find stress being part of the package in any job, maybe I always thought that being a pharmacist gives you the capacity to reallocate and find different places to work at and live in, I'm building my self a fairy tale to stay optimistic am I ? : )

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