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Thread: re: ID requirements

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    re: ID requirements

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    Hi Guys

    I am doing my research on the documents I would need to apply for NAPLEX and CPJE and I came across their ID requirements. Can somebody help me please.

    according to California board website the ffg are the options ( at least 2 from these)

    US State, Commonwealth, or Territory issued driverís license or identification card
     US government issued passport
     US social security card (cannot be laminated)
     US military-issued identification
     National identity card

    Should everything be a US issued ID? like the territory issued driver's license or ID card
    and the national identity card

    I am not a US citizen which is why I don't have those just the SSN , but I was wondering what qualifies for national ID

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    Re: ID requirements

    Hi Gloridae:

    Some states allow non-US citizens to have a national identity card.
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