The Pharmacy Job Crisis: Blame the Pharmacy School Bubble

"Is there anything you can do about this problem?Sadly, there isnít much one individual can do to stop new pharmacy schools from opening or increase the number of available pharmacy jobs. Itís impossible to control things outside of your influence, but what you can control is your career.

As the number of new graduates and their competition increases, itís possible for you to lose job security, end-of-year bonuses, salary increases, or even your full-time position. I donít want to scare you, but this is a reality you may have to face.

The best way to secure your career is to make yourself indispensable. The days of just getting a body into a pharmacy position are gone. You must be competitive, or you wonít get a new position.

Becoming indispensable means going the extra mile that no one else is willing to take. Hiring managers want a pharmacist to be someone patients can talk to and trust. Attractive job candidates push themselves continuously to learn and grow by reading books or even taking classes no other pharmacist would normally take.

Volunteer for projects no one else wants. Get a certification. Always be willing to help.

The qualities of an indispensable pharmacist will determine who will keep or lose their jobs in the future of pharmacy."