I am a recent graduate with a BSc in pharmacy from a foreign university (however, I am a US citizen). My goal is to apply direcetly to PhD programs in the US and pursue a career in academia. However, I've been accepted to a (one year) PharmD program at my alma mater and I have the opportunity to work at a hospital pharmacy, and now I'm facing a dilemma. I'm hoping that anyone with experience in or knowledge of applying to PhD programs would be able to help.

Would completing a PharmD degree (in a foreign university) give me an advantage when applying for PhD programs? This would be compared to applying with just a BSc.
Or would it be more beneficial for me to work at a hospital pharmacy during this year while I apply?

Basically my question is if the PharmD versus work experience would be more favored by PhD admissions committees.

Sorry for the long post, and I hope someone can advise me.

Thank you!