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Thread: what kind of job can I do?

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    Red face what kind of job can I do?

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    I am a Foreign Pharmacy graduate, going through US licensing process. I passed the FPGEE and redoing TOEFL ( i am always a few points short of the writing score and 1 or 2 points in speaking)....So my question is.... What position am I allowed to work in a pharmacy now? working permit is not a problem as I am citizen....just want to know which positions can i apply to when seeking a job in local pharmacies ??
    Any advice is welcomed and thanks in advance

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    Re: what kind of job can I do?

    Hi, congrats on passing the FPGEE!
    I would recommend you to look for position on Indeed. You will find jobs easier in remote areas where most pharmacies are in need for pharmacists. Then after gaining some experience you can build up your resume and apply gor better jobs and locations. A lot if people had to work the hard way first but you will be rewarded.
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