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Thread: Big Awards for Business PhDs

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    Big Awards for Business PhDs

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    Rhodes, Gates-Cambridge, Javits, Mellon, Marshall, Fullbright...all outstanding scholarship foundations that, in my research and past knowledge, haven't been awarded to graduate students in business (econ, yes).

    What awards are out there for us? What would be the highest honor a graduate in business could pursue?

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    I heard of this silvery medal that someone in sweden gives... It's suppose to be pretty cool. I think that's available to business phd students sometime n the future, if they qualify or get nominated.

    I think... hmm....


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    Elinor Ostrom is a political scientist -- so the trend is for the award to become more of an award in 'social science'. Also, there are usually a ton of small and big prizes given by each discipline's main body (AOM and the kinds), but yes, there is probably a case to be made for something like the Clarke medal in business at the very least.
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