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Thread: PhD in Accounting advice

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    PhD in Accounting advice

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    I am looking to apply this fall to doctoral programs in accounting. Looking at top programs in financial research (Stanford, Wharton, Michigan, Chicago etc). Any thoughts, advice or suggestions are appreciated.


    26 yr old, US native

    B.S. in Accounting, Econ minor, 3.8+ GPA, large US public university (not top tier)
    M.S. in Accounting, 3.4+ GPA, top 5 US program

    I am taking the GMAT in a couple weeks as my previous score has expired this year. (Expired score: 690, 47Q, 38V). Shooting for 740+ this time around.

    Performed 2 semester-long statistical research studies in undergrad (Econ department), also co-advised another student's research with a faculty member. (used SAS, STATA & SPSS)

    Professional experience: CPA, 2+ years in audit (Fin. Services) at a Big 4 firm. 1+ year financial analyst in industry.

    Recs: Accounting professor in grad school who I T.A.'d for. 2 Econ professors in undergrad who supervised my research. Also, a senior manager from public.

    Weakness: Math background (just Calc, Stat 1 & 2) (plan to address in my SOP).

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    Overall you look decent. Getting through calc 3 and linear algebra would definitely help, maybe be necessary for those top schools you mentioned. Without it you still look fine for plenty of good schools. Your lower master's GPA concerns me a bit, you may want to address why that happened when you moved to a top university.
    Your other credentials look fairly good.

    Just as usual, apply where there is a good fit and don't concentrate a ton on rankings.

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