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Thread: Relevant Research Experience

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    Relevant Research Experience

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    I'm a Ph.D. aspirant in the area of finance. I'm finding it very difficult to get RA work in my country. I just want to know how important is to have RA work experience in the relevant area and what if someone does RA in some other area, would that be helpful. I mean if someone does RA in let say strategy area which involves data collection, analysis and report writing using python and basic econometrics, would this RA be helpful in the area of finance.

    I would be very thankful if someone could provide me any suggestion?

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    Re: Relevant Research Experience

    RA work experience not only demonstrates your ability to do academic research but also helps you get better recommendation letters. There are many people, who major in engineer and hardly do any research in finance, successfully got admission in very good Ph.D. finance programs. But the point is that they have good reasons explaining why they want to pursue a Ph.D. in finance instead of just research experience.

    If you can code in STATA, R, or Python, you have advantages. R and STATA are good for statistics and econometrics, but Python is very powerful if you want to do something regarding big data. If you're interested in doing empirical research in finance, then Python is a big plus. It also impresses the admission committee.
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