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Thread: Behavioural Finance - PHD programs in US

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    Behavioural Finance - PHD programs in US

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    Hey Everyone,

    I have interest in pursuing PhD in the area of behavioral finance. Can anyone plz tell me which schools in US are good in behavioral finance? I have tried finding out but it seems like very few people pursue PhD in behavioral finance. I would be very thankful for your help.


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    Re: Behavioural Finance - PHD programs in US

    We usually don't pursue a PhD in behavioral finance, what we do is to use behavioral finance for our PhDs.

    For example, I'm a Marketing PhD student, and people in Marketing research use a lot of stuff from behavioral finance to study consumer's economic decision-making.

    You should be able to find a lot of research related to behavioral finance in business-related PhD programs, even if they don't use the label "behavioral finance". I've also seen at my university a PhD student from the MIS using behavioral finance, for example.

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    Re: Behavioural Finance - PHD programs in US

    A lot of behavioral finance research is done in econ departments, some of which have programs/groups/centers focusing on it. There are also people studying it in business school finance departments, but they seem a little less organized.

    This might be a case where it makes sense to apply to econ programs in addition to finance.

    Here’s a survey of research areas in behavioral finance: Noahpinion: Behavioral economics vs. behavioral finance

    Here’s a ranking of behavioral econ programs. Take it with a grain of salt. Economics Field Rankings: Cognitive & Behavioural Economics | IDEAS/RePEc

    Here is a list of some econ programs that specialize in this area. The Big List of Behavioral Finance and Behavioral Economics Degrees — Nocturne Capital

    Lacking a top down ranking of behavioral finance programs, I would suggest you should look at it from a bottom up perspective. Do a Google Scholar search on research topics you are interested in and see which authors pop up. Look at schools you are interested in and see whether they have faculty doing behavioral work.

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