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Thread: CV / Resume Format for PhD in Business Applications

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    CV / Resume Format for PhD in Business Applications

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    Most of the programs ask for a CV/Resume:

    Is the academic CV format (with research papers and their summary, and a tiny section of professional work experience) preferred over a Resume format (with professional experience and research experience in reverse-chronological order)?

    I have 2 years of work experience and some undergraduate research work.
    Does it hurt to submit a Resume (with my research experience and professional experience) without giving a summary/abstract of my unpublished papers and manuscripts?


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    Re: CV / Resume Format for PhD in Business Applications

    The reasoning for both an academic CV and a resume is basically the same: relevant things come first. For a PhD application, research papers and research experience are usually much more relevant than professional experience.

    So, I don't understand why you would downplay your papers, since papers are probably much more relevant than your professional experience.

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