Hi folks,

I am not sure if it is worth attending LSU's phd program in business, as I am recently admitted to this program. Most of its graduates ended up going to teaching schools. I wonder if I should try to apply to better schools like u of maryland after I finish a master program. I am an international applicant and don't hold a master degree.

I also applied to some master programs in public policy/administration, because this kind of program has a few courses related to quant analysis and I think that might help with my PhD application ( I want to focus on macro organizational behavior). I might be able to get the admissions of U of Chicago/indianna u (top 10 programs in public affairs). If so, would that make my application more competitive, if my targets are 2nd tier schools like emory/umn? However, my concern is that even for school like this, some of the graduates's placements might not be as good as I expected, so is it wise to do the master and then reapply ?My GMAT score is just a bit over 700 but I am not gonna retake it. Would it be good enough for 2nd tier schools? The emory's average GMAT score is around 730. If not, how much should I get on GRE? I feel like taking GRE is also a torture, thinking about the vocabulary.

Any thoughts on this? I 'd really appreciate your advice!