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Thread: Accounting: archival vs experimental

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    Accounting: archival vs experimental

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    Hi everyone,

    I am considering entering an experimental based PhD program but I have received mixed messages on such a decision.

    Is it really that difficult to be placed from an experimental focused program?

    Is it considerably more difficult to get an experimental paper published in the top 3 compared to an archival or analytical? Is it just the case that there are fewer researchers doing experimental work and that is why there are less experimental publications?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Accounting: archival vs experimental

    In my opinion, if you get a PhD from a strong experimental program, you'll place just fine. So get a PhD focusing on experimental methods from Cornell, Illinois, Texas, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Emory, etc. and you'll likely place at one of those schools also.

    I am not sure it's considerably more difficult to publish experimental work in a top 3. Slightly more difficult, probably.

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    Re: Accounting: archival vs experimental

    This year experimental people got jobs pretty quickly and were in high demand. The problem is that the market is a lot smaller so if a couple schools aren't hiring for some reason and there are a couple more graduates than normal, all of a sudden the experimental market looks rough.

    I think experimental rarely publishes in JAE, but they do more in AOS and schools with strong experimental groups tend to count those things. I don't think that tenure would be tougher.

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