Hi! I am accepted into 3 PhD programs in business and need your advice on which to attend.

1. Lousiana State U ( OB/strategic management, you can choose either of them according to your interest)

2. U of Houston ( you can choose the Micro/Macro OB/strategic management), requirement: independent research project that starts from year 1, preliminary exam in year 1, qualification exam in year 2

3. Oklahoma State U , you are required to finish 1st and 2nd year papers by working with the faculty on their projects. students' responsibility is to write the papers. Concerns: 1. I am not sure if I am able to write the papers, since I don't even know how to do the research without the training. 2. even if you are the co-author, I dont think you would be the 1st author, so it actually doesn't matter a lot? And it doesn't necessarily mean the paper could be published? 3. it might take up too much of your time for study and coursework should be the first priority?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!