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Thread: Accounting PhD - Advice Needed

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    Accounting PhD - Advice Needed

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    Hi everyone,

    I am planning to apply to accounting PhD program this fall and looking for advice about the best way to improve my profile at this point given that I still have a few months before starting applications.

    Brief background: Went to a top 20 undergrad accounting program, also got my masters in accounting at that school, have my CPA, will have 6 years of experience at time of application (including time in Big Four audit).

    Undergrad: GPA between a 3.5-3.6. Only took a few math classes in college: Calc 1 (grade: A), business Calc (grade: B), and statistics (grade: A). Have not touched math since these classes (nearly 10 years ago!) but have always enjoyed math and pick up on it pretty quickly.

    GMAT: took recently and scored a 730 (46Q/44V, 8 IR). Could make plenty of excuses for underperforming on Quant that day but I wonít.

    Iím very interested in research (still not decided on method or specific areas of interest). Iíve been reading different publications and starting to refine my specific interests but I am ultimately hoping to end up at a school where I will have some flexibility as I donít know what will ultimately interest me the most/ what I will be good at.

    Any advice for best ways to improve my profile at this stage? I think my math background could appear weak given the time away, so Iíve start a Calculus class on Coursera and plan to complete that class as well as another Calc and Linear Algebra course (or at least have them in progress at the time of application). Would focusing on taking these classes be the most beneficial or should I focus on re-taking the GMAT in hopes of scoring closer to my practice tests (~760) with a higher Quant score?

    thanks for any advice! Stalking this forum has been very helpful haha

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    Re: Accounting PhD - Advice Needed

    The obvious weakness is your quant score combined with somewhat weak math background. The coursera courses are good, and talking about them in your personal statement should help, but something verifiable is better. I.e. take calc at a community college this summer and get an A.

    Also, you don't mention letters of recommendation. With some time out of school, have you kept up academic connections? You will need letters from active researchers to have a good chance at getting into a serious research school.

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