Iím entering my 4th year of a 5-year accelerated masterís program. Iíll earn a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Spring. Also, I will be concurrently enrolled in 6 hours of MBA classes for both semesters. Then, after my 5th year Iíll earn my MBA. I am at the University of Oklahoma (mid-tier big state school).

Undergrad GPA: 3.4-5 -Engineering- Oklahoma
Graduate GPA: 3.8-4.0 -MBA-Oklahoma (As of right now, counting my dual credit courses, I have a 4.0 and I am willing to do what it takes to be at the top of my class and expect to see myself in the range of 3.8-4.0)

GMAT: 600 (spent a few weeks cramming for my MBA program but feel I could improve to 650. 700 may be somewhat lofty as I am not the most proficient standardized test taker)
Research Experience: None (but with two years left maybe I would have opportunities)
Teaching Experience: None
Work Experience: Engineering Internship with a Fortune 500 (Telecommunications) and can puff it up to sound like business experience

Concentration Applying to: Strategy or Management (subject and willing to change to something like Supply Chain)
Number of programs planned to apply to: 15-20
Dream Schools: Boston University, Yale, University of Georgia, Rice University, University of Arkansas, Southern Methodist, Texas A&M

Other Questions:

What made you want to pursue a PhD?

I have never been enamored by my undergraduate degree. For the most part I entered because of the practicality and prospects. I do appreciate Industrial Engineering and could see myself making a career out of it; however, the lackluster reviews my older peers have given me are making me have second thoughts. Recently, I have become enchanted by the world of management consulting and have been introduced to the world of business strategy and theory. Considering my background and profile, I most likely would not be qualified for the top firms and from my understanding there is a considerable drop off between tier 1 and 2. Moreover, the lifestyle and work balance leads me into much trepidation.

At this point it probably sounds like the PhD professor route is a plan B. And, Ill admit, it was at first. Yet, the more I look into the career, the more enthusiastic I become. Irrespective of my major choice, I do enjoy writing, especially on topics I am interested in. So, at this point I donít know if I am ready to commit completely to a life of research, but I can very easily see myself immersing my life into a deep subject. Personally, I donít find myself all that smart per se, but highly intellectually motivated. I love to learn. It fuels me and I am motivated by knowledge. I would grant many of my peers in engineering are ďbookĒ smarter than me, but I keep up because of my intellectual drive. I certainly am confident in my abilities and feel more than competent but have strengths different than peers. I want to know things. And, in my estimation, this would give me a solid foundation for being a professor.

Questions or concerns you have about your profile?

  • I havenít seen too many undergrad engineering profiles on here or other places like LinkedIn, so I was wondering if anyone has? Or any thoughts related to this (maybe like a field of study you could introduce me to).
  • Considering nothing in my profile is outstanding. Low undergrad GPA, (estimated) GMAT ceiling is 650, mid-tier school, are my dream school aspirations too high?
  • Would you recommend in the summers I pursue an internship within the field of consulting? Say, Deloitte S&O. I have a few friends within this role and definitely would be experience within the field. Furthermore, would it be better if I ended up working for a tier 2 consulting firm after graduating from my MBA and then applying for my PhD?