Test Scores: GMAT: 720; Quant: 44, Verbal: 44, IR: 7
Undergrad GPA: ​3.7; accounting major at a Big 10 school
Graduate GPA: 3.7; MSA with concentration in tax from Notre Dame
Research Experience: None
Teaching Experience: None
Work Experience: 2 years as a tax associate at a Big Four firm
Additional Info:
  • CPA licensed
  • Computer science minor
  • Plan on receiving letters of recommendation from professors at ND
  • Plan on retaking GMAT and improving quant score
  • No calculus taken in college
  • Interested in research-focused program

Research Areas of Interest: the intersection of technology and accounting

1. With my masters in tax and tax experience will I be limited to tax research? Or have better chances of getting into a program with a focus on tax?
2. Should I take a calculus course or other math course before applying? Online or community college? If online, what are good options?
3. Would I need to find schools that have professors publishing about my research area of interest or is that too specific a criteria?
4. What tier of schools should I be looking at, given my profile?

Thank you!