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Thread: Concurrent PhDs in 2 countries and 2 universities

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    Concurrent PhDs in 2 countries and 2 universities

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    I received a few admissions offers for PhD in management. I have rejected all but two (so I have 2 in hand offers).
    It's a tough choice: one school has better location and stipend, the other has a better ranking and shorter program.
    I am considering whether it might make sense to enrol in both, rather than choose. In a sense they are complementary.
    In terms of coursework, there are synergies - both have similar required curriculum, so there won't be a ton of extra work that I'd need to put in.
    In terms of the actual research output, based on my ongoing work, I feel confident that I should be able to produce 2 separate, different and competent pieces of PhD theses.

    1. Any thoughts/perspectives on this idea?
    2. Is this legal? Esp. in terms of immigration rules.
    3. Any thoughts on what the universities may say about this? (I don't want to bring this up with either, if it means I would piss them off and get my offer rescinded)

    Possibly relevant details:

    • Both are in Europe (one in EU), and I am a third country national.
    • The funding at both is via so-called assistantship "jobs" (which are taxed as such), not true stipends.
    • The locations of the universities/countries are such that it is practical, at least financially to attend both for the coursework...even if that means round trips every week.

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    Re: Concurrent PhDs in 2 countries and 2 universities

    There is no way this could work. You are trying to take on what are essentially two full-time jobs in two different countries.

    Not to even start with thinking you could write two theses ...

    Pick the one that is a better fit. If you really want to spend time at both then you can work out a way to spend time at the other one as a visiting student or take 1-2 classes (if your school supports that).

    I wouldn't bring this up with either school if you want them to take you seriously. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

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    Re: Concurrent PhDs in 2 countries and 2 universities

    There's no way this will turn out well. Doing one PhD is hard enough. Pour those extra hours (if there are any) into 1) self-care 2) research. Better to do one high quality thesis with some an additional paper or two instead of two watered down theses.

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