Hi all,

Would truly appreciate your help, advice and suggestions on my profile. I am an media professional and an arts manager from India with over 12 years of experience. Just completed my Masters in Arts Management in Boston and now want to specialize in entrepreneurship within the creative and cultural industries. Hence considering a Phd. I was told to look at a Business or an Education Phd. Within business, I am veering more towards Organizational Behaviour. My research areas would broadly fall under workforce development, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship with an interdisciplinary focus on education.

Here are my questions:
- Have you heard of any place that could potentially support entrepreneurship research within the cultural industries? I know UK/Europe are big on this but would prefer the US approach.
- Is Organizational Behavior the best fit for my interests or should I abandon the idea of the business Phd? Focus instead on education?
- Any advice on what approach I should take since I don't have a strong math/accounting background?
- Any school / department / professor recommendations?

Here is what my profile looks like now:
Undergrad GPA: First Class
Post Grad Diploma in Journalism: A Grade
Post Grad Diploma in Arts Management: A Grade
Masters in Arts Administration: 3.71/4 (Also received the Excellence Award in Graduate Studies)
TOEFL: 104/120
GRE: Yet to take
Past Research: Qualitative research in India on Pedagogical Systems for artisans, Two papers in Boston University - None Published yet.
Quant, Statistical Experience - None, also fairly mortified of math in general
Fellowships: Fulbright, Net Impact
Awards: in Journalism
Letters of Recommendation: Should be able to get it from my professors at BU including those in the Business and Entrepreneurship class.
Research Interests: Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Industries and 21st Century Skills / Workforce Development
Teaching Experience: None
Work Experience: 12-14 years across media, social entrepreneurship and arts management. Now, fundraising in the social impact, non-profit space.

Any advice would be great at this point. Thanks all for your time!

Best, P