Test Scores: GRE 328/340, Q -170, V - 158, AWA - Awaiting
TOEFL - Haven't Given Yet

Undegrad GPA
: 8.00/10 (Engineering)

Graduate GPA:
3.05/4.33 (MBA)

Research Experience:
By the time I will join the phd program I will have 3 years of research experience. One year during my MBA and two years working as a research associate. I'm working on two papers in finance right now.

Teaching Experience:

Work Experience:
7 Months

Other Achievements - Top 2% in engineering entrance exam held in my country
Top 1% in MBA entrance exam held in my country

Concentration Applying to: Finance (Behavioral Finance)

Need suggestion for colleges in US and Canada where their is emphasis on behavioral finance and I have a chance of getting in. Few of the colleges I know where there are people working in behavioral finance are Miami Business school, Carroll business school, Fuqua business school, Rotman school of business.

Really appreciate the help