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Thread: Another Profile Evaluation

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    Question Another Profile Evaluation

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    Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GMAT 720 (Q50 / V 38)
    Undegrad GPA: 3.90 (Math/ Econ Double Major) Taken about 8 Grad classes both in Math and Econ discipline. From a solid state university in the Eastern side of the country
    Math: Cal (I,II,III), linear algebra, Real Analysis (1,2,3), Differential Equations, Chaos theory, linear optimization, etc
    Econ: Intermediate/Advanced Micro, Macro, econometrics, and etc.

    Graduate GPA: No Grad
    Research Experience: Worked with a Finance professor ( Asset Pricing / Merger Effects) and an Econ Professor (Behavioral, econometrics)
    Teaching Experience: TA a linear algebra and real analysis class
    Work Experience: X

    Concentration Applying to: Accounting PhD (Financial Archival)
    Number of programs planned to apply to: 15 ~ 20
    Dream Schools:

    MIT / Stanford / UChicago

    Letter Writers:
    Accomplished Accounting professor, finance and econ professor

    Other Questions:
    How would the schools view, if my GMAT score were to be 750 instead? Would that make a big change?

    What made you want to pursue a PhD?
    Research and innovative thinking to think outside of the box and push the frontier forward.

    Questions or concerns you have about your profile?
    I have taken couple of accounting classes (financial statements) and some accounting courses online. Would I need more than that? How does my GMAT score look? Am I competitive enough?

    Any additional specific questions you may have:
    As the opening of application approaches, I am super scared. If you see anything in my profile that I seem to lack, I need some to point it out.

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    Re: Another Profile Evaluation

    I don't think improving the GMAT score from 720 to 750 would make a difference. 720 is a great score, I don't see why this would be a concern.

    Your profile seems very strong to me. Great GMAT, great coursework, research and teaching experience in relevant topics, letters from accomplished professors. Seems to the ticking all the boxes.

    I'm not in Accounting to have a reliable opinion about accounting classes, but I also think that looks ok. Of course, it will depend a little on your research topics.

    One thing that I have not seen clearly explained is why Accounting, instead of Finance or Economics (after all, those would also be possibilities). But I guess you will provide a good answer for that in your SoP.

    You seem to be dreaming big (as you should), but still applying to a wide range (as you should). So, I really think it looks good.

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    Re: Another Profile Evaluation

    Seems to me like a competitive profile. You should really focus a lot of attention on the essays though and use it to sell yourself, there are always more competitive applicants than spots.

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    Re: Another Profile Evaluation

    I think that a GMAT boost won't make a difference for most schools, but 750+ is probably necessary for your dream schools.

    If you do 20 applications to the top 20 financial / archival schools, then you will probably be fine.

    The biggest potential problem I see is "Why Accounting?" Your research experience isn't very accounting related and you don't have a lot of accounting coursework. It sounds like you have the 2 intro classes and then maybe took some more online. Your letter from the accounting professor can help with this a lot, but you should try to spell it out in your SoP as well as you can.

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