I am planning to apply for the business school doctoral programs, specifically for the (management) information systems major. I have to finish my applications until this December and I would appreciate any type of advice or commentary regarding my admission possibilities.

Basic Info
Type of Undergrad: Business Administration major (Top 5 university in my country)
Undergrad GPA: 3.64/4.0
Type of Grad: Business School, Management Information Systems major (Top university in my country)
Grad GPA: 3.58/4.0 (I still have my last semester left, but this is my latest GPA)

Research Experience: Research in Progress Paper submitted to an international conference (First Author)
Teaching Experience: Only worked several times as a teaching assistant, but none as a lecturer
Work Experience: None (I don't have any work experience, and started my bachelor program directly after my graduation. I am not sure if this works as an advantage or a disadvantage.)

Test Scores GMAT: Verbal 34 / Quant 50 / Total 700 / AWA 4.5 / IR 7
Test Scores TOEFL: Total 116 (All subjects are 29)
Research Interest: Data Mining and Big data analysis. My research interests are mainly in the intersection between social and technical aspects of information technology, especially extracting managerial insights from big, unstructured data.

Information Systems (Major): IS Seminar (4/4), IS Methodology (3.72/4), Electronic Commerce (3.72/4), IS Development (3.72/4), IS Research(3.44/4)
Statistics: Quant (3.72/4), Statistics (Planning to take in next semester)
Programming: Social Data Mining (4/4), Social Computing (3.44/4)

Applying to
Dream schools: University of Arizona, University of Texas-Austin, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Georgia, Indiana University at Bloomington (These are the schools that I am interested in. I would like to hear realistic comments about whether to search for more schools.)

+) I am worried about my overall profile, but my time is limited and I am not sure where to focus on more. (Should I take GMAT again and raise my scores or should I focus on my research and start on a research paper?) Again, any type of advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance