I will be applying this year for the doctoral program in MIS, looking for honest feedback and suggestions regarding my profile.

Education Background:
Undergrad: BS Economics (Top 3 college in my country)
GPA: 4.0 (Converted my grades to US point system, though not sure if the conversion is accurate)
Grad School : MS Economics (Top university in my country)
GPA: 3.6/4.0
RA Experience: Full Time Research experience in Economics for 1.5 years.
TA Experience: Nil
Work Experience: 1 year Industry experience in the Financial Services Industry (Big 4 company)

Test Scores
GRE: Q-169/V-155/AWA-4.5
Test Scores TOEFL: Total 106
Research Interest
Some of the research themes I find interesting and would like to pursue are:

Economics Of Information Systems: pricing of IT services and products, Online Labor markets, product diffusion of IT goods.
Peer influence in social networks: Social and observational learning of new technologies facilitated through social networks, behavioral Impacts of social networks and online communities.

Online Marketing: Impact of word of mouth on online sales, In app advertisement, Impact of recommender systems on revenue of sellers.

IT governance: Gray markets and piracy impact on sale of IT goods.

Concentration Applying to
: Management Information Systems

Planning to apply to
UT-Austin, University of Minnesota, UT-Dallas, University of Arizona, Carnegie Mellon University, NYU Stern, Temple University, Arizona State University, University of Florida, UofMaryland College Park, U of Washington Seattle, USC Marshall, U of Pittsburgh, McGill University, Singapore Management University.

Questions or concerns you have about your profile?

Most of the doctoral students in MIS seem to be either from Technology or management background, would my degree in economics hurt my chances of securing an admission?

I have chosen the schools to apply based on my research fit, however, not sure if I am applying to places which are out of my league. Would appreciate suggestions of safer schools given my research interest.