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Thread: Personal Statement Advice

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    Personal Statement Advice

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    I was kindly wondering what are the questions and categories I should hit on when writing the PS.
    Thank you!

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    Re: Personal Statement Advice

    The personal statement is really something very personal. It's about the parts of yourself, your life, your personal experiences that you think that would be relevant, and they will surely be very different from person to person.

    Different universities also like to see different kinds of people. Harvard may like examples of leadership, while Stanford prefer to see unusual experiences, for example.

    So, I don't think anyone can really give you a good list of questions and categories. It's not like a statement of purpose, when there are specific things you are expected to cover, like "why a PhD?" or "what are your research interests".

    And personal statements are not so relevant for PhD applications anyway. I think I didn't send one for most of schools I applied to. The statement of purpose is the relevant one, not the personal statement.

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    Re: Personal Statement Advice

    Personal Statement is an individual task and I would like to say that if you want to write it professionally you must be ready to combine the creativity and provided requirements to write a special paper.

    When you are going to write such assignments you must understand the main mission of this paper and what it must do. The main purpose of PS is to attract the attention of the admission members to your candidacy. This paper must sell you. That's why you must contain the most important information about your personality including facts about your experience, skills, knowledge, achievements and a lot of other things. Do not forget to add a humor a little. It can give you some points. Add some interesting facts from the life that shows you form the best side. Provide some projects and tell how you have found the solutions to solve them.

    As you see, you can write everything. There is no general format for such papers. Yes, there are requirements but you must sell yourself if you want to get an admission. And only truth. Good Luck.
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