Profile Evaluation

Hi everyone. New here. Looking to get my profile evaluated as I am hoping to get into a PhD in Econ / Finance Econ / Finance. I am currently eyeing schools in the UK and the US. Would like to hear roughly where a profile like mine will land.

Here goes:

24 years old

730 Gmat

Bachelor of Economics (double majors in financial economics and econometrics) at top Australian school - distinction average. Originally did a pure mathematics line, so I reached higher complex analysis, higher differential equations, higher theory of statistics, higher several variable calculus all with distinctions on top of distinction average in econ courses. Dean's listed for being in the top 5% of students.

MFin/Econ at top 10 european school (not UK) - top quartile grade-wise. 2 completed PhD courses with full marks as electives. My master's thesis supervisor is incredibly well known in his field but I have not started my thesis with him so no reference letter yet.

Taught 3 classes of quantitative methods (think Stata and econometrics up to panel data + IV) + applied micro

Will hold exercise classes in financial econometrics and predictive analysis (2 time series courses in R) both at graduate level.

3 reference letters:
1. professor who I am teaching for
2. associate professor who taught my one phd course and likes my ideas
3. professor who I am on the study board with (a student rep. thing)

Relevant work experience: 6 months at a top economic consultancy between my masters and bachelors.

Looking to apply to the top schools in the UK. Of course, it goes without saying that it is competitive. Feedback would be much appreciated.

All the best and merry xmas.