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The job market for management professors is not good but also not very bad. It depends on your background and what you are looking for.

Management is separated into OB and Strategy. In the USA alone, there are maybe more than 400 phd fresh grads in Management. And you must consider those from outside the USA, which is maybe another 400. And consider Asst Profs wanting to move. And consider Econs and Pyschology PhDs who are looking for jobs in OB or Quant Marketing or Strategy too.

And many of those in AOM are non urgent job posts, which means the uni may be looking to hire in the next 3 years, but they may not hire that year, but is just fishing and seeing what they can get. Unis can always hire adjuncts or someone cheaper.

Simply put, they have great leverage over job candidates, and supply is always far greater than demand overall.

This poster is 100% spot on, even down to the degree of not knowing exactly how many schools have openings and how many schools opt "not to hire" across multiple years. It's incredibly agonizing for candidates since they don't know where they stand at any point. I'm not sure why we don't have a very detailed breakdown of supply/demand pressures (like the Econ market). The management job market is still a "smoky backroom deal" kind of environment, and the senior faculty by and large want to keep it that way.