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Thread: Any advices about being wait listed?

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    Any advices about being wait listed?

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    I got an email from POI that I am wait listed as the program gives only two offers in this year.. Although this program is one of my best choices, I still have other opportunities to choose.. How much could I rely on this suggestion? Although the POI sent me an generous mail that they are impressed with my activities, it is difficult for me to bear the uncertainty.. I would like to ask current phd students and other candidates, how should I handle this situation.

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    Re: Any advices about being wait listed?

    Typically, when you get an offer, you have until April 15 to accept or decline it.

    So, I think you should wait a little, it's still February, a lot of things can still happen until then, including getting this wait list transformed into an offer. There would be no reason to accept an offer now, if you can wait until April, and there is still a chance of getting an offer from one of your best choices.

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    Re: Any advices about being wait listed?

    Maybe wait a few weeks and check in and ask if anything has changed on their end. Question of whether or not the other opportunities are close enough in your mind with the one you are waiting on... i.e., if the significant factor, is for example, the geographic location, but you believe you would get solid training from both. If there is a significant discrepancy in what you would expect from the training itself, then perhaps you should make a decision closer to the deadline.

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