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Thread: Need some guidance and feedback

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    Need some guidance and feedback

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    My name is Sanjay and I am considering to join a Phd program in Marketing offered by reputed schools in USA. Below is a brief of my profile:
    Undergrad- Mechanical Engineering (GPA- 7.4/10) (National Institute of Technology, Calicut (India)
    Post Grad- MBA (Marketing and Strategy- 5.5/10) (Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow(India)

    How significant are the past academic records in the final selection? I am a little concerned about my past academic performance as my grades and rank don't fall in the range of top 1-2% of the class. Which colleges should i target to maximize the chances of conversion?
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    Re: Need some guidance and feedback

    GPA is not the most important part of an application, but that does not mean it's not important.

    Your GPA from undergrad wasn't good, and then it got a lot worse during a post grad that is related to the field you're applying to. In this case, it's hard to convince someone that you have what it takes to survive the much harder PhD coursework. Maybe you do, but we don't see evidence of that here. From the private message you sent me, your GRE is not good either.

    Now, it's impossible to tell you what schools you should target. Because that depends on a lot of other factors. One of the most important is research fit, for example, and we don't even know what are your research interests. School selection is typically a very challenging part of PhD applications, but that's work you are expected to do.

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    Re: Need some guidance and feedback

    On top of academic results, I would suggest beefing up evidence of your research ability. This could be through undertaking research work or courses.

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