Hi everyone. It is my first time posting so I am unsure if this is the right sub-forum for my question but here goes.I am a citizen from a developing country (Philippines) strongly considering an Accounting PhD. I am aware that the business schools with the best reputation are in the US; US business schools have placements all over the world. My issue is with the certainty of my work prospects after graduation in the countries where I want to work. Visa rules in the US are much stricter compared to Canada, UK, or Australia; the US only grants a one year visa post-PhD whereas the other countries grant visas from 2 to 4 years. In other words, I only have at most one year to find work after my PhD in the US but up to 4 years in the non-US countries. My goal really is to work in the non-US countries as I like their working culture better. My question is: given my aspirations, which country should I prioritize in my application?

If it matters, my ideal workplace would be a university in Australia, followed by Canada, then Europe/UK. Assuming I get admission in a T25 US school and a T4 Aussie school, which program should I pursue? Hoping to hear from someone familiar with the immigration difficulties in each country.