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Thread: Some advice regarding taking grad math courses (PhD in Finance)

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    Some advice regarding taking grad math courses (PhD in Finance)

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    Hi, I'm an Asian (non-Chinese) looking forward to applying for Finance PhD in around 2022.
    I have concerns regarding taking grad math courses.
    Would taking grad Probability (measure-based prob) and grad Real Analysis (Hilbert Space) be of any help in the application process? The concern is due to my sub-optimal grades. Please see my profile below for your reference.
    I'm also open to Econ PhDs.

    Test Scores:

    (GRE) 170/163/5.0 (Q/V/W)

    Undegrad GPA:

    CGPA: 4.0/4.5 (3.7/4.0 if A+,A=4.0, B+,B=3.0, etc.) from a regionally well-known Asian university, Econ major.

    Econ Classes (advanced): Econometrics II (time series), Empirical Analysis of Policies (DiD, Matching, etc.), Game Theory, Intermediate Metrics (IV, Probit, etc.)
    Math&Stats Classes: Calc I,II (II being multivariate), Lin Alg I,II, Analysis I,II, ODE, Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Numerical Analysis; the following are being taken this semester: Topology I, Real Analysis (measure), Applied Math (deep learning).

    Mostly A+ or As, except for the following: Game Theory (B+), Industrial Org (B), ODE (B+), Numerical Analysis (B+)

    Research Experience:

    A few undergrad-level papers, but none significant.

    Work Experience:

    6m intern at an Asian global IB (Research)
    3m intern at a major global IB (Risk)

    I will be enrolled in MA Econ from the same University starting next semester.
    I have a high chance of getting TA-ships and RA-ships, which could hopefully boost my chances.


    Gauging from the above profile, would taking grad math courses help my application? (I am pretty confident I can get A's) Also, what else could I do besides writing good papers in my Masters? What would be the most probable target schools that I can aim for?

    Thank you in advance.
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