I am interested in applying for Ph.D in Information Systems and I'd like to know what's my edge for getting into top program.
I acknowledge that my GRE is a little shy of good score (esp. quant... I had full mark score but the verbal part is not competitive) but a professor that I am working with said I might get some advantages that I have MSCS from prestigious school and I can include working paper when I apply. However, I still cannot even weigh my chances because of lack of data & information.
Here's my brief profile.

Test Scores
(Note: It often helps a lot more if you list the percentiles each of your raw/composite scores are associated with) GRE: Verbal 158, Quant: 167, GMAT conversion (from ETS): 700
Undegrad GPA: 92.8% (dual degree in Computer Engineering & Business Administration, out of US)
Graduate GPA: 3.56/4 (Master's Science in Computer Science, school from undoubtably top 30 in CS, in the US)
Research Experience: One domestic(non-English) conference publication in Computer Science, currently working on a research in Information Systems field with two professors.
Teaching Experience: None
Work Experience: only internships

Concentration Applying to: Information Systems
Number of programs planned to apply to: 10
Dream Schools: NYU, MIT, CMU, UPenn (I haven't explored the faculties though)

What is average GMAT/GRE score for top-school accepted students? I have concentrated on machine learning during my master, will it make some differences?

Thanks in advance.