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Thread: Profile evaluation and advice

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    Profile evaluation and advice

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    Hi everyone,

    I want to apply for a PhD starting in Fall 2021 and have a few concerns about my profile and my university choices. My profile is:

    • Bachelors in Accounting & Finance with 3.91 GPA out of 4.00 and "A-" in first phase of thesis and "A" in second phase.
    • Masters in Finance with, on ECTS scale, A's in all coursework and C in thesis (was facing some personal issues during this time). The program is ranked among the top 50 M.Sc Finance programs worldwide, does that add anything?
    • GRE: 168 (Q), 162 (V), and 4.0 (AWA). Will give Toefl, so hopefully will be able to make up for the AWA score in Toefl writing. Limited funds so can't retake GRE to improve scores.
    • Received a tuition scholarship for my masters and during bachelors received a full scholarship to attend an exchange semester in the U.S. 4.00/4.00 in the exchange semester.
    • Worked as a teaching assistant for an Accounting course and have some work experience as an auditor.
    • I think I'll be able to get at least OK recommendations.
    • Research interests: asset pricing, risk management, and financial econometrics.

    University choices:
    University of Toronto (long shot, but will regret it if I don't try), Boston University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, UMass Amherst, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Arizona State University, and Stevens Institute of Technology (for PhD Financial Engineering)/University of Kentucky.

    What are my chances at the above universities? Can you recommend some other universities or range of universities that I should look at as well please?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    Re: Profile evaluation and advice

    Since I can't update the post, I'm writing the updates in this comment:
    1) Full professor from my masters has agreed to write a strong letter of recommendation. He has been published in top finance journals.
    2) Assistant professor from my bachelors, who supervised my thesis, has also agreed to write a good recommendation. He mostly worked in the industry so no publication, at least international ones.
    3) Assistant professor from my masters, has published in top journals, agreed to write a strong recommendation, but said that he can only comment on me being strong academically.

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