Hello everyone,

I am new here but I have been reading many posts the past few days and learned quite a bit regarding Accounting PhDs. This is a great community so thank you to everyone.

I notice a lot of mention of tiers when applying, but most of the applicants and tiers are towards archival side. Even when reading some academic articles on the subject, they are dated, but state that there is a noted impact on your career based on the school you choose to attend for your PhD. Basically attending a lower tier school can mean you will be very limited to opportunities is higher tiers, barring some miraculous research publications and major connections.

Is there a known tier / ranking for tiers in the behavioral side (experimental or field study? Or do we just take the rankings from BYU for experimental and each topic area? And do these change when you go by topic area for managerial, audit, and financial?

Furthermore, I am guessing most of these schools are in US, but are there highly recognized PhD programs (and which "tier" would be outside the US that would be recognized in US or anywhere in the world:
1. Asian Pacific
2. Canada
3. Australia

Thank you for your help. And for those waiting for interview calls and results, I wish you all great luck to get into your dream schools!